“I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual.”  – Bobby Flay




All summer chefs, whether professional or amateur, are enjoying grilling and entertaining alfresco. Gathered with family and friends during long summer evenings, meals are enhanced by the flavors of food seared, grilled or smoked outdoors.

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The Coyote Asado Cooker



The Coyote Electric Grill on a Pedestal was featured in the celebrity lifestyle Modeliste Magazine and, in the Hampton’s luxury Social Life Magazine, a Coyote outdoor kitchen was the spotlight for the June issue. A new full page advertisement with a selection of Coyote products will appear in the August issue of Hearth & Home Magazine.





The Coyote Electric Grill

A great option for urban grill masters, or those with limited space, is an electric grill which heats up fast, is easy to clean, and you don’t need any fuel, just a nearby outlet. The Coyote Electric Grill is perfect for city dwellers, where outdoor entertaining spaces are highly coveted and scarce. A rooftop area, like the one featured above, can become a veritable outdoor oasis.

According to interior designer, Kerrie Kelly, “A rooftop patio is truly one of the joys of living in the city. Whether you enjoy al fresco meals lounging in the sunshine or s’mores fresh off the grill under the stars and a blanket, the “above it all” views give a unique perspective to get away from it all.”

The Coyote Electric Grill, made of premium-grade 304 stainless steel, has a powerful 120V – 1300W heating element that is capable of reaching 550° F within minutes and is guaranteed to last for over 5,000 hours. The safety features include a built-in surge protector, a Teflon grate that eliminates flare-ups and a 60-minute timer valve. This makes this product particularly appealing to families.





Leslie Saeta, founder of the engaging Instagram account
@my100yearoldhome, recently featured the Coyote Electric Grill on a pedestal in a beautiful oceanside setting. As noted in the post, “We have a balcony off our kitchen at the beach house and I finally found the right sized barbecue that fits. The Coyote Electric Grill is 18” wide and has a 156 square inch cooking area. I love that it has a 60 minute safety timer with a surge protector too. The compact Electric Grill on a Pedestal makes summer possible in smaller unique spaces.” Leslie adds, ”Make sure you are all set for lots of grilling outdoors. I think I might have some barbecue volunteers with this amazing view!”

Leslie has a devoted following who have accompanied her on her journey to lovingly remodel a home, built in 1915, where her husband was raised. They purchased the home in 1969 and have shared the redesign of the kitchen, family room, two downstairs baths and the outdoor patio. A few years later they added a pool and remodeled their master bedroom, two upstairs baths, and the third-floor attic. Their last major remodel was to update the art studio (The Carriage House) and an outdoor kitchen. The authentic nature of the remodeling projects is described by Leslie, “We have always preserved the architectural integrity of our home so we have been lucky. Our seventeen-year-old remodel is still in style.”

What could be more delicious than kabobs by the beach this summer! Make sure to visit @my100yearoldhome for design, entertaining and lifestyle inspiration.





Affordable Outdoor Kitchens (AOK) was formed in the spring of 2011 with one thing in mind, to provide the very best outdoor appliances and furnishings to contractors at a price that puts outdoor kitchens within the reach of their customer – the homeowner. Most contractors send their homeowners to the internet to shop for products – without the benefit of an expert, such as an AOK specialist, who can guide them toward the products that will meet their specific cooking needs and budget. AOK has been carrying Coyote Outdoor Living products for three years.

To what do you attribute your success in the marketplace?  Our success is based on our knowledgeable staff and the customer service we provide. We know our grills. Every feature on each of the grills we carry – all the accessories, how many BTUs, how the rotisserie mounts, etc.

What are the three keys things to consider when choosing or planning an outdoor kitchen?  Most customers and many of the contractors building their jobs have never had an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen space is much different that owning a cart grill with side shelves. It is just like the indoor kitchen; it will become a gathering place for friends and family. We always recommend creating an area that invites guests into the cooking space and ideally allows for a center island or a seating area adjacent to the grill. We ask customers what they like to cook. How do they envision using the area? Will they need refrigeration? The most overlooked item in an outdoor kitchen is counter space.

What is it that appeals to your customers about Coyote grills?  Our customers love Coyote grills because of the high BTUs, they are attractive, and it has a great sear burner option. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the laser cut grate options. Customers who like to cook fish and vegetables are hooked immediately on this option. Also, customers like that they can get ceramic briquettes.

Why are outdoor kitchens becoming more and more popular?  Outdoor living spaces in general have become more popular. This used to be a feature found only in homes with year-round outdoor living climates – like California & Florida. Outdoor kitchens are a sought-after feature in an outdoor living space. Adding a kitchen and a fire feature to any back yard completely changes the way an area is used. It becomes your house outdoors and people can’t get enough of it. Once someone has experienced an outdoor kitchen at a friend’s house – they want one!

It is a family business, tell me one thing about you as a family that nobody knows, and people would find interesting?  People always marvel at all of us working together. How do you do it? That must be crazy! Do you guys argue?  The answer is simple. We are a family first and business owners second. Each person in this business, just like our family, brings unique qualities and strengths to the table. Being a West Virginia gal, I always loved the Farm Bureau slogan, “We pull the most when we, pull together.”




Outdoor enthusiasts are looking for a high-quality portable cooking product to use when camping, boating on the water, or come August, tailgating. There is a demand for smaller, portable models for savvy outdoor chefs who insist on both quality design and superior functionality.

The new Coyote Portable Gas Grill is made of 316 marine-grade stainless steel and includes Coyote’s signature grate as an added enhancement. The product can be used with either a 20 lb. propane tank or a small disposable propane tank and has up to a 20,000 BTU of output. This grill fulfills a need in the industry for a high-end compact product that can be easily moved from the picnic table, onboard your boat or onto the bed of your truck when you head off to the Sunday game.

– Jim Ginocchi, President of Coyote Outdoor Living