We are so happy spring is finally here! Historically, spring is the season that many households across the country begin to plan their outdoor spaces - from landscaping to patio decor, and of course outdoor kitchens! 

At Coyote Outdoor, we love helping people plan and create their dream outdoor spaces, equipped with the best Coyote products. Let this newsletter be the first step to help kick-off planning and get you started.

“If you have ever thought about designing your own outdoor kitchen, Coyote Outdoor Living has just made it that much easier for your vision to come to life. In five easy steps you can select your kitchen layout, island finishes, appliances and their placement in an easy online application that results in a 3D design and custom outdoor kitchen quote.

Kerrie Kelly, Interior designer FASID, NKBA, CAPS
Designing an outdoor space can be daunting with the anticipation of months of disruption to the backyard and conflicting suggestions from contractors and landscape designers. Coyote has teamed up with RTA Outdoor Living to give consumers the ability to create their dream outdoor kitchen with a web-based design tool. This free outdoor kitchen design software allows consumers the ability to design, configure, visualize, pick appliances, and finishes as well as receive a quote for their dream outdoor kitchen in a matter of minutes. 
In a recent report cited by Regina Cole on forbes.com, “findings agree: 65% of American homeowners aged 35-44 cite an outdoor kitchen as very important if they were designing an outdoor space.” The author also emphasizes the pandemic has changed our view on outdoor spaces from a nice add-on to now essential for family gatherings. So how to achieve this goal for the modern homeowner? The design tool found on both the Coyote and RTA Outdoor websites, makes creating your outdoor oasis a weeks-long project instead of taking many months.
The ready to assemble panels created by RTA Outdoor Living simplify the construction process by using structural high-strength concrete panels that can be assembled in a few hours with only a couple of people. There are no limits to what elements you can develop with the design tool including kitchen layout, island size, appliance choice and layout, finishes and finally your custom design which you can email to receive a quote. All this can be done from the comfort of your own home or office.
Dream it! Design it! Build it!

At the end of 2020, we had the pleasure of teaming up with RTA Outdoor to build an incredible outdoor kitchen for fitness influencer, Brian Mazza

Follow Brian Mazza for fitness, food, and family inspiration! We’re glad to have him as part of the Coyote Outdoor family. 

Coyote is always thrilled to be recognized for our products and our business and in the last few months, we have been honored by two great organizations! 

New World Report has named the 2020 winners of the North America Business Awards and we are pleased to share that we won the Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Designers of the Year!

New World Report is an insightful and informative business news platform providing readers throughout the Americas with business advice to aid business progress, success stories aimed to inspire, and trends and innovations to support business growth and continuity. Read more about the 2020 awards here

We’re also happy to report that we were featured in Ferguson Showroom’s annual Trends and Influences guide. They highlighted our state-of-the-art Pellet Grill, which was the only outdoor product they featured. 

Learn more about the Pellet Grill here: https://bit.ly/2EaJQC9.

Palmetto Stone Solutions and Remodeling, LLC. was started in 2017, with the mission to bring their customers' outdoor vision to life. They specialize in decorative concrete: waterfalls, fire pits, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens that include Coyote appliances as well as many other aspects of outdoor living.

Owner Jason Morrow pursued a career in the construction industry after graduating high school, where he became a framer by trade, supervisor for several large subdivisions, and was a certified building inspector through the ICC. After honorably serving six years in the United States Marine Corps, Jason decided to make Conway, SC his home. While attending Horry-Georgetown Tech to receive his degree in Construction Project Management, he continued his passion in a local sawmill and a remodeling company. After being certified through Stone Makers and Elite Crete flooring systems, he had the fuel and fire to start Palmetto Stone Solutions and Remodeling, LLC. 

What makes Palmetto Stone Solutions unique? 

We offer a fully custom to you experience. With our proprietary Fiber Reinforced concrete mixture from ClifRock we are able create fully custom kitchens in any shape, size, color and pattern. Not one kitchen or any other hardscape project that we do is like the other. All unique in their own way.  
Even before the pandemic, outdoor living was becoming more of a focus for homeowners. To what do you attribute that trend? 

Before the pandemic, outdoor living was more of a luxury or a conversation piece. I have noticed more and more homeowners have gone as far as financing our products now. I think people have realized that after the hustle and bustle of work, school, kids and everyday life that to be able to just sit in your backyard and enjoy what you have is more meaningful than eating out. Fulfilling dreams and building memories! 
When did you start carrying Coyote appliances and what do you think differentiates their grills from others?
We started to carry Coyote about 3.5 years ago. What we build is quality and custom. Coyote adds that extra quality to our outdoor kitchens. Durable products that last a lifetime! The clean rolling edges of the 304 stainless-steel! You can just feel the difference in the material and how it compares to other brands. 
Do you have a favorite Coyote product?

I would have to say my favorite Coyote product is the 42” S-Series Grill. I mean come on. It is a beast of grill and has the added features of the LED glow knobs. The rotisserie, smoker box, and let us not forget about that 1,275 sq. in. cooking area!

The Coyote message of 'the fire inside us all' seems to perfectly align with your passion to start this business. Can talk about the fire and passion you had to start Palmetto Stone Solutions?

I have always had an artistic side and a passion to do things myself. When I started my business, I started out doing home remodeling and then kind of stumbled across outdoor living. Did some research and completely turned my company around. I have a true passion for what I do. They say “If you love what you do, that you never work a day in your life!”

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I am a 36-year-old Disabled Marine Veteran. Originally from a small town in Southern Maryland. After serving 6 years honorably and getting out, I moved to Conway, South Carolina. Before the Marine Corps I was a building inspector for the county government. Moving to South Carolina, I went to Horry Georgetown Tech for construction project management. Moved away for a little time as a stint in the oil field up north. Finally decided it was time to move back to what was home to me here in South Carolina and to start my own business.  
What other products besides grill islands do you offer your customers? 

We specialize in Outdoor Kitchens, Fire pits, fireplaces, water features and more. Another company that we use for our fire pits and has had a huge impact on us growing our company is American Fire Glass.
How do you help your customers achieve their vision for their outdoor spaces? 

Our slogan is “Live your Vision”. I offer free quotes, which takes the stress off the customer. We come out to you and talk about what you are wanting. Take measurements and do a custom sketch or rendering of what your outdoor living space would look like. 
Can you tell us about one of your favorite projects? 

This is a hard question to answer. I would have to say Cave/grotto/waterfall that we finished around Thanksgiving of 2020. We extended a customers pool, created a cave out of our material that actually looked like big boulders, added a waterfall to it, and the inside the cave, we installed an outdoor rated TV and then a Coyote 24” refrigerator!

To Learn more, visit Palmetto Stone Solutions And Remodeling (palmettossr.com) Palmetto Stone Solutions: 1203 U.S. 501 Business Unit 106
Conway, SC 29526 and Remodeling, LLC. Phone: (843) 254-3043 

Gathering around the fire or your grill brings warmth to your evenings with family and friends. At Coyote, we hope to inspire all those who enjoy the outdoors to transform their backyard area into an outdoor oasis. Whether it be a gas, charcoal or the next generation pellet grill, there is a Coyote grill that will ignite your passion for outdoor cooking. While enjoying these moments, look inward, and bring to life those dreams and visions, that bring out the fire in you.

Join us in finding the fire inside you this year.

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