Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2022

The pandemic caused homeowners to reassess both the design of their interior as well as their backyards. Improved outdoor space is not just an amenity for homeowners to extend their living spaces and add new functional areas and esthetics to their lives – it’s one of the best investments they can make to increase the resale value of their homes. 


A 2021 survey conducted by International Casual Furnishings Association found that “90 percent of Americans with outdoor living space have been taking greater advantage of their decks, porches and patios, and consider their outdoor living space is more valuable than ever before.” Further, the National Kitchen & Bath Association recently reported that 60% of homeowners are looking to add an outdoor kitchen this year, which led Better Homes & Gardens to name outdoor kitchens the top outdoor living trend for 2021.


Outdoor kitchens have seen a particular rise in popularity as many are transitioning the hearth of the home outdoors.  The trend of entertaining family and friends in an attractive and functional space will continue to grow in 2022. Coyote encourages everyone who wants an outdoor kitchen to dream it, design it, build it and then live with the outdoor oasis of their dreams!


Customizable Options for Outdoor Kitchens

To meet this growing demand, RTA Outdoor Living and Coyote Outdoor Living offer a complete outdoor kitchen kit that includes wall panels, countertop, grill, and appliances, with pre-designed layouts and customizable design options available. “In five easy steps you can select your kitchen layout, island finishes, appliances and their placement in an easy online application that results in a 3D design and custom outdoor kitchen quote.” Kerrie Kelly, Interior designer FASIS, NKBA, CAPS 

This simplified approach eliminates the frustration of traditional outdoor kitchen projects. What was once a daunting task requiring a contractor or high-level DIY skills, building materials and appliances from various sources, and a lengthy timeline is now simplified into one source for a quality outdoor kitchen that can be assembled within a few hours.


The Electric Grill Island: Saving Space

For those who do not have the space to incorporate an outdoor kitchen, the Coyote Electric Grill Island is an attractive option. This small electric outside kitchen is perfect for places where gas or charcoal are not an option The ready-to-assemble islands come in weathered wood or stacked stone in modern white or brown terra. Each island is made to feature the Coyote products such as a Grill, refrigerator, and storage drawers, doors are all sold separately.


This island is constructed with RTA  multi-component proprietary concrete composite panels and countertops. The included countertop has a chiseled edge and provides 5.5 ft2 of preparation or eating space to make the most out of even a small outdoor area. 


Coyote Outdoor Living Flat Top Grill

Flat Top Grill: Space to Grill for Everyone

If you’re a grill master or a novice outdoor chef, and you’re looking to impress a large crowd, consider the Coyote Flat Top Grill. This premium grill brings the capabilities of your indoor cooking appliance, outside. Teppanyaki-style grilling is a versatile way of cooking, perfect for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The design of this flat top grill allows the juices to remain in contact with the ingredients, resulting in savory, healthy meals.


Flat top grills significantly rose in popularity in 2021. There are various options on the market, but Coyote Outdoor Living’s sleek and functional Flat Top Grill features two independently controlled heat zones and over 400 square inches of cooking area.


You won’t just be limiting yourself to burgers and hot dogs with a grill like this. You’ll be able to make your family and friends a diner-style breakfast or grill up some sweet pineapple and watermelon. Read more about this exceptional product on this featured post.


What Do I Need in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Even though a great grill will be a big part of your outdoor kitchen space, there are many other accessories to consider. One of the benefits of an outdoor kitchen is having all of the major conveniences of your indoor kitchen in one place. It allows you to entertain and cook for your guests at the same time.


A kitchen island will not only house your grill but also provide spacious prep space and storage for your spatulas, tongs, and serving utensils.


Refreshment bars feature a sink for easy clean-up during and after hosting. 

They also offer lots of counter space for both serving and entertaining. 


And what’s a kitchen without a fridge? Refrigerators offer a place for you to store perishable food and keep your beer, water, or wine cold for your guests.


Coyote Outdoor Living Grills on Patio with Food

How to Design Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Once you have dreamed of your outdoor oasis, it is time to design it!  Check out our easy-to-use Kitchen Layout Design Tool, which walks you through the process of choosing all of the elements for your outdoor kitchen. Together, you and your family can create a three-dimensional mock-up that features the island, appliances, accessories, finish, and countertops.


Now is the perfect time to create an outdoor kitchen that will be a gathering spot for family and friends this spring. Let Coyote be your single resource for affordable luxury grill islands whether you have a small outdoor patio or an expansive backyard.