Coyote Outdoor Living Flat Top Grill

Introducing Coyote Outdoor Living’s Flat Top Grill

In the mood for a breakfast complete with bacon, eggs, and pancakes? Or maybe a philly cheesesteak for lunch? Or even fried rice packed with vegetables and protein for dinner? No problem! 


With the all new Coyote Outdoor 30 inch Flat Top Grill, you can create any dining experience from the comfort of your backyard! Two spatulas and the carbon stainless steel griddle surface is all you need to forever change the way you think about barbeque. 


Spending time with close friends and family while grilling outside has become more popular than ever over the past couple months of summers. Grills come in many shapes, sizes and types — from the small portable grill to the large built-in professional smoker, and everything between. 


One type of grill that has most benefited most from the recent spike in outdoor grilling has been the flat top grill. Popular with line chefs and restaurateurs for centuries, the flat top grill offers a flat, uniform cooking surface. It is heated from below, using a gas flame to radiate heat over a steel surface used for cooking. 


This flat top grill offers homecooks a way to maximize entertainment space and get grilling for large groups of guests. The flat top grill brings the capabilities of indoor cooking appliances outside with Teppanyaki-style grilling. This form of grilling is versatile, and great for preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. The design of this competitively priced grill allows the juices to remain in contact with the ingredients, resulting in savory, healthy meals. 


There’s a reason why professional chefs and caterers prefer the flat top grilling space. Whether creating classic line-cook staples like bacon and eggs or the world-class culinary experiences of a Michelin Chef, this flat top is the perfect tool to throw the perfect get together in your outdoor space. 


Coyote is so excited to premier this new and innovative product and make it available for you to incorporate into your fantasy outdoor kitchen space! 


Highlighted Features

The Coyote Living 30 inch Flat Top Grill allows you to utilize the type of professional flat top cooking equipment used by chefs and caterers in the comfort of your own outdoor space. 


There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to the Coyote 30 inch Flat Top Grill. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite features.

Advanced Heat Control

One of the reasons the flat top grill has been used nearly universally in professional kitchens across the country is its ability to offer the exact heating specifications a chef requires to prepare any meal — from the traditional greasy spoon diner fare to the five-star culinary experience. 


Our Coyote 30 inch Flat Top Griddle includes two individually — and accurately — controlled heating zones, which allow you to utilize multiple temperatures throughout your food preparation routine. A great example of this would be cooking burgers at one temperature while simultaneously frying up some bacon in another zone. 


The heavy gauge, food-grade cooking surface allows for even heating and easy cleaning. And the stainless steel grill top is built to last, with ridges that prevent food from spilling over the edge and a grease trap for easy cleanup. 

Powering this beauty  is your choice of liquid propane or natural gas — offering up to 17K BTU per burner!


LED Light Safety Feature

Cooking on a stainless steel surface is a little different than cooking with a traditional coal-fired or gas grill, which allows you to judge heat by the look of the flame. 

But the Coyote 30 inch Flat Top has a built-in temperature sensor, which allows you to stay safe and determine the best time to drop those burger patties on the grill. The temperature control knobs on the front of the unit feature LED rings that light up blue if the unit is cold and orange when hot and in-use. Not only does this safety feature help you out by letting you know when the grill top is hot, it is also an impressive feature for nighttime cooking!



This is one flat top that is built to last. 


The Coyote 30 inch Flat Top Grill is built utilizing 304 stainless steel throughout — including its stainless steel cooking surface. You do not need to season a stainless steel griddle surface the way you do for a cast-iron griddle surface. Food is less likely to stick on the stainless surface, so a light touch of oil at the beginning like you would prep any stainless steel pan is all you need. 


The Flat Top Grill looks great as part of an outdoor kitchen built-in, but a free-standing cart is available for additional mobility. It is built to perform for decades, and the available weather resistant cover will add even more years of performance to this grilling machine.


How Tamara Day Uses Coyote’s Flat Top Grill

Coyote Outdoor is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Tamara Day — host of the television show ‘Bargain Mansions’ on DIY Network HGTV. In addition to being an expert at finding dilapidated properties and turning them into fabulous mansion homes, she is a mother of four who knows her way around the kitchen — and the grill. 


“Nothing was quite as satisfying as designing my outdoor space with Coyote Outdoor Living,” Tamara said. Tamara has a big family, and gets a ton of use out of a large cooking space like the flat top grill offers. In particular, she loves to book breakfast with sausage, pancakes, home fries, omelettes and more! 

As a Kansas City native, Tamara knows a thing or two about barbeque. So, the Coyote 30 inch Flat Top is the perfect extension of her indoor kitchen to her home’s outdoor space. Its versatility allows her to cook all types of meals — breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


Flat Top Grill Classic Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

Nothing says flat top like a classic grilled cheesesteak. After all, you just can’t recreate that authentic mouth watering experience without one! 


This recipe is also a great use of skirt or flat steak that allows you maximum flavor without putting a hurt on your wallet. And of course, you can use packaged frozen steak slices if that’s your preference.


First, brush your steak with olive oil, and then sprinkle it with salt, pepper, cayenne paprika and steak seasoning. Rub the oil and seasoning mixture with your hands into both sides. 


Turn on your Coyote Flat Top Griddle to medium-high heat — we’re aiming for about 465 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’d like, you can saute onions, peppers and mushrooms with a bit of olive oil on the other grilling zone at medium heat at this time. Cook the steak for about three to seven minutes per side, depending on your preferred level of doneness and the thickness of the cut. 


Pull the steak and let it rest before slicing thin and piling onto a large Italian roll. Don’t forget to add cheese sauce spread if you choose!