Much has happened in the last year, encouraging a renewed focus on the small things in life. It is our families’ health, it’s the time we get to spend with them, it’s the little moments in which we figure out how to have fun at home instead of at a party or a restaurant.

At Coyote Outdoor Living, we know how important the moments at home are – to bring the family together to find joy, and love, and fun. We are so happy to have any part in making this past year a little bit brighter for the families who grill with us, and as the seasons change, and the world evolves, we vow to be there for our customers, our friends, and our families to bring that extra spark of fire and flavor we all need

The Coyote Pellet Grill continues to receive accolades in the press and with celebrity chefs, television personalities and social media influencers. Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network’s ‘Restaurant Impossible’ and celebrity Chef Jonathan Collins have chosen the Coyote Pellet Grill as their new grill of choice. HGTV star John Colaneri of the ‘Kitchen Cousins’ and Chelsea Zutavern, founder of the popular Instagram account @blessed_ranch, are also drawn to the features of the grill such as the state-of-the art digital touch screen, three food temperature probes as well as a range of even heat settings. They appreciate the added versality when grilling, smoking, searing, or baking.

In both and Twice Magazine, superior functions of the pellet grill such as the green, smart drop pellet system have been recognized. The writers have highlighted the design details of this robust grill which mirror those of a luxury indoor oven.

The grill is available as a built-in or fully assembled on a cart. Learn more about it today!

Leo Kelly, more commonly known as @TheShirleyTempleKing, is a young, bright-end, precarious Instagram star who rose to fame by rating the popular kids’ drink at restaurants from 1 – 10 with charisma and sometimes brutal honesty. Since his rise to fame he has worked with several major brands including Coyote Outdoor Living and has been featured on The Ellen Show, NBC News, People Magazine, Vice, Buzzfeed, Taste of Home, Delish, Today Show, New York Post, PopSugar, and even The Standard in the UK.

Leo has done several posts with us including an awesome video for National Grill Month grilling with his parents on his 36” C-Series built-in grill, and an incredible giveaway in partnership with RTA Outdoor Living in which one lucky winner received an Asado Cooker! Coyote Grills score a ten with the Kelly family!

We are thrilled to work with legendary athletes like Bo Jackson and Drew Butera. We have worked with Bo Jackson to create his own one-of-a-kind portable gas grill with incredible features like:

Drew likes to keep his Bo Jackson grill on his high-rise patio for the perfect urban cooking experience. Drew’s dad is grilling on something a little bit bigger – a Father’s day gift of a built-in 34” C-Series grill! We’re thrilled to help the Butera men with their grilling needs.

We’re howling from the rooftops because Coyote was featured in two highly-regarded publications recently. TWICE Magazine did a feature on the superior functionality and performance of the Coyote Pellet Grill, and Patio & Hearth included the Coyote Pellet Grill in a story about outdoor kitchen design trends and how brands are evolving to help customers create the outdoor oasis of their dreams. These outdoor entertaining areas have become the foundation for happy and healthy staycations.

Two years ago, Jill Williams, a Kerrie Kelly Design Lab interior designer decided it was time to build her own home. As explained by Kerri Kelly, FASID, “It could not be just any home, it had to embrace a unique Californian style and all the brands we’ve loved over the course of our design careers. After much contemplation, Jill chose to create her own Spanish Farmhouse style – celebrating handmade designer details, Spanish architecture, mixed metals and a simplicity that encouraged contrast of color and Finishes.”

The house and the surrounds, which border Bidwell Park, are the very epitome of Californian elegance, highlighting the natural beauty of the outdoors. Jill Williams explains some of her design choices, “We have been drawn to various locations including Spain, Santa Fe and Napa for their art, architecture and furnishings. We have included elements found in these lovely locations such as patterned encaustic tile, roughhewn beams, and arched Palladian doors.”

We recently caught up with this talented designer to ask her about her new home, design details and entertaining outdoors.

How do you connect the interior to the outdoor space with design elements? Is a flow from one to another important?

The transition from the interior to the California room was a priority. We wanted the outdoor patio to feel like it was an extension of the family room. By keeping the beam and paint colors consistent in both areas, we were able to help unify the spaces. The light and visual spaciousness created by the large palladium windows also add to a more seamless transition between both areas.

Tell us about the color palette, textures, and lighting in the outdoor space.

Further providing a sense of continuity, a neutral color palette of cream, camel, charcoal and black are featured both indoors and out. This allows for the artwork to really shine indoors while having the natural beauty of the outdoors be the focal point.

Wherever possible, natural elements were used to create an inviting California, casual aesthetic. A linen color indoor/outdoor fabric on the patio chairs, as well as the rope detail, add to the relaxed nature of the space. One of the interior elements that we have enjoyed so much, are geometric encaustic tiles. The design of the patio mirror, area rug and pillow bring those same beautiful design elements outdoors.

Large patio lanterns above the dining table and the lounge area complete the space. As we have a north facing back yard, we were able to forgo ceiling fans and enjoy the warm glow from the light fixtures in the evening.

Tell us about the perfect night outdoors with family and friends.

Our climate here in Northern California is perfect for outdoor entertaining with our family and friends.  While planning the patio, we wanted to make sure we had plenty of lounging space to enjoy morning cups of coffee and evening glasses of wine. Having the seating area next to the fireplace has allowed us to extend our time outdoors into the cooler fall and winter months. We are always able to pull additional chairs from the dining table, as needed.  We have enjoyed many wine and cheese evenings on the patio, watching the sun set and listening to great music. Our friends and family seem to really enjoy gathering in this area!

My husband and I are looking forward to our first spring and summer here and hosting backyard BBQ’s and swim parties. So far, the only member of the family who has enjoyed the pool is our dog, Honey!

Why Coyote? What appeals to you about the brand?

We have been Coyote fans for many years and are thrilled to have been able to incorporate several of their products in our outdoor entertainment area. Their price point is a great value and we are thrilled with the quality and styling of their stainless-steel products. We have a 36″ S-Series grill and have found that it does a fantastic job searing our tri-tips and rib eyes. The Refreshment Center has also been a great addition. Having a sink with an integrated cutting board, condiment tray, along with the cooler next to the BBQ is so convenient!

What is your favorite meal to grill?

Besides grilling meat, the Coyote Grill is fantastic for veggies, as well. A family favorite is to roast a whole chicken on a vertical roaster with tomatoes soaked in the savory drippings. We are looking forward to exploring more meat and vegetable recipes on the grill!

For more information on the Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, click here

Embers Fireplaces & Outdoor Living is a retail company based in the Denver Metro area. Their robust business includes a brand-new showroom in Westminster, Colorado as well as a strong online presence stocking products nationwide. Their mission is clear, “to provide and educate consumers on products that are specifically designed to enhance their customer’s lifestyle.” They are a family business founded by Trevor Andruss in 2011.

Trevor originally started an E-Commerce stove company which has grown into a brick and mortar retail location and a full indoor/outdoor lifestyle store. Trevor has spent the last 12 years in the hearth industry and has extensive sales experience. He is supported by his wife, Chelsea, and his family.

We recently spoke with Trevor about his business, his thought on the industry and his relationship with Coyote Outdoor Living.

What appeals to you about the Coyote brand and suite of products?

Well, the most important thing for us is that we deal with high end clientele. It’s really important to our clients that they are dealing with high quality products, the type of products they are not going to find in mass market or big box stores. The more premium type products that we can provide to our clients the more value we can add to their shopping experience.

Are you a family business and what is the best part about working together?

About half of the employees here are related. It’s very nice having a family oriented company, even the employees that are not family members. We definitely try to promote a family atmosphere here where everyone can enjoy their jobs. Everyone enjoys working with each other and everyone can enjoy spending time together as well. It is important for me to promote that family atmosphere within the company.

Do you think outdoor living has taken on more importance as people are spending more time at home? Has this had a positive effect on your business?

For the first part of this question, absolutely, 100%. People want to spend time outdoors, but they can’t always do it in the way of traveling like they used to. It’s really important to make the home environment as comfortable as possible and certainly the outdoor living category provides home comfort and can obviously enhance the entertainment aspect of the home.

Has this had a positive impact on your business, of course, 100%. Our outdoor living category, we have probably sold more outdoor living products this year than the last 9 years combined before that. Tremendous, tremendous impact on that.

How long have you been carrying Coyote products?

This is actually our first season doing it. We have had good success with the process so far. We are always looking to add products that add value to our consumer experience like we talked about earlier.

How do you see the industry evolving? What are people going to be looking for to enhance their outdoor space?

Those are two good questions. I do see it evolving into this higher end category because people are looking at spending a premium amount on an outdoor living space, maybe more so than they would invest in the future. Instead of annual trips to hawaii, or  things like that, they may be looking at taking some of those funds and allocating it to the home space. Specifically in the outdoor living space to create more square footage while being at home.

What are people going to be looking for to enhance their outdoor space?

Of course that starts with cooking equipment, I do think accessories like storage drawers, things like that, or outdoor heaters, are important to make your space seasonal year round. That’s definitely a big thing.

Do you have a favorite thing to grill for family and friends?

100%, my number one favorite thing to cook has to be a brisket. For how many people it feeds is actually pretty affordable and it’s super fun. You know you’re going to be investing in an all day cook and it’s pretty cool.

To learn more about this exceptional business, click here

Despite facing unique and challenging situations this year globally, and at home, we know the ‘Fire Inside UsAll’ is still burning strong. Our thoughts are with the industry and our customers as we all adjust to the new normal. Collectively, we have all pivoted to more time at home, spending meaningful time with family and friends. Additionally, the traditional hearth of the home has migrated to our own backyards where we can grilland entertain in the fresh air.

Whether it be an expansive outdoor kitchen, a free-standing grill on a cart, a smoker or our next generation pellet grill, Coyote remains an affordable single resource for all your outdoor living needs. Additionally, as football season ramps up, we have a well-designed portable gas grill that transforms every Sunday into gameday. Even if you are parked in the driveway instead of the stadium parking lot, this grill is ideal for prepping for the big game – and hopefully by next season, your grill skills will impress at the next in-person tailgate.

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