Coyote’s ‘Grills and Skills’ is a new quick tips series presented by Chef Jonathan Collins which we will be sharing every week through April.

In each video, Chef Collins will be showing off the features of Coyote Grills and the techniques needed to maximize performance. These quick grilling tips will help you unlock new grillmaster skills.

What can you cook on a griddle? The evenly heated surface of a griddle can be a flexible and fast way to prepare breakfast items like bacon, sausage, pancakes, hash browns, and eggs. But griddles are also handy for foods you need to flip, like burgers and grilled cheeses. It can be used to sauté delicate foods or chopped vegetables.

Griddles are easy to clean up with a removable drip tray that catches grease and drippings for easy lift out and disposal.

Learn more about drop-in griddles here and in the video below: