Exclusive Features:

  • Griddle Accessory for all C1 + C2 grill models
  • Removable grease trap for easy cleaning
  • 14″ Width
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with grill models: C1C28, C1C34, C1C36, C1S(L)36, C1SL42, C1HY50, C2C34, C2C36, C2C42, C2SL30, C2SL36, C2SL42

A drop-in griddle is a cooking appliance that is designed to be built into a countertop or cooking range. It consists of a flat, metal cooking surface that is heated by gas burners or electric elements, and is used for cooking a variety of foods, such as pancakes, eggs, and grilled sandwiches. Drop-in griddles are popular in commercial kitchens, such as restaurants and cafeterias, as they provide a large, flat cooking surface that is easy to clean and maintain. They can also be used in residential kitchens as a versatile and convenient cooking option.

Drop In Griddle Disclaimers and Warnings:

WARNING – PROP65 Notice – CA Residents Only