Chef Jonathan Collins takes you on an engaging tour that shows the features of the innovative new Coyote 36 inch Pellet Grill. The Pellet Grill Category, with over 500 million in sales, is the fastest growing in the industry, and will far outstrip gas and charcoal in the next five years. As noted by Gear Patrol, the design of pellet grills has advanced from the rudimentary model built in the woods of Oregon, and is now, “no longer for nerds.” The state-of-the-art Coyote Pellet Grill design improves the way you can smoke, sear and grill. Made of all 304 superior-quality stainless steel, this quality grill has all the features that will enrich your outdoor entertaining for years.

If design is in the details, this new age pellet grill has everything! There is a Versa-Rack™, with a three-tier system that triples the size of your grill and allows you to throw on an extra set of ribs or a variety of vegetables. The dual auger front feed insures outstanding cooking control and performance. Two other key product components are: a gasket hood with double all stainless-steel walls to hold the heat and a specially designed built-in wind guard in the back that deflects wind from coming into the unit. This robust, multi-functional grill even has a spring-assisted hood that can be lifted with a touch of a finger.

Enjoy this video with Chef Jonathan and see that all the hype about modern pellet grills is well deserved! The Coyote Pellet Grill is truly the next generation in this category.