Giving the Gift of GrillingGrilling Gift, December 2022, Coyote Outdoor Living

Know someone in your life who loves grilling and deserves more than the old beat-up hunk of metal they’ve been using for far too long? Give them the gift of Coyote Outdoor grilling this holiday season. From portable grills to an outdoor kitchen island setup, we have everything a grilling veteran or amateur enthusiast needs to up their grill game.

Check out our favorite 2022 Grilling Gift Ideas below!


Gifting a Grill

Gas Grill

Gas girls are the most popular types of grills – and how could they not be? They offer more control of the temperature, plus their stainless steel grates make cleanup time a breeze. Coyote Outdoor Living has both C-series and S-series grills to suit grillers of all types.


Measuring 28”, Coyote’s C1C28 model is the ideal appliance for small spaces, urban living, and unparalleled convenience and portability. It comes standard with interior lighting so your griller can enjoy cooking sun up or sundown. The C2C36 model measures 36” and gives grillers coveted grilling space and four high-performance “Coyote” cast stainless steel Infinity Burners™.  The 36” also boasts interior lighting.

Give the Gift of a C-Series Grill


Giving a gift from our S-Series Line is like gifting luxury. This grill series, available in sizes 30”, 36” or 42”, offers the Coyote cast stainless steel Infinity Burners™, ceramic briquette heat control grids (perfect for maintaining precise temperature), a rotisserie with an infrared burner, smoker box, and RapidSear™ burners to help lock in natural juices and nutrients. Interior lighting and LED knobs offer a great assist in nighttime cooking.

Give the Gift of an S-Series Grill  


Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are one of the hottest grilling trends of the 2020 decade. It has the look, versatility, and superior functionality of a luxury indoor appliance but can be used like your indoor oven. Coyote Outdoor’s Pellet Grills come in sizes 28” and 36” and hold a state-of-the-art digital touch screen, three food temperature probes, and a range of even heat settings. This is high-end outdoor grilling at its finest. 

Other highlights? A smart drop pellet system that can be used with any flavored wood pellet and an easy-to-lift spring-assisted hood.

Give the Gift of a Pellet Grill


Grill with a Smoker

Your Grill Master likely already has a good grill they love to use. But no true grill lover will say no to an additional product that yields different cooking results. The Asado Grill comes standard with Coyote Signature Smoking Grate™ for perfect diffusion. Smoke, sear, and grill on the product that Chef Jonathan Collins calls a “True Chef’s Tool.”

Give the Gift of an Asado Grill


Portable Grill

For the griller on the go, the Coyote Outdoor Portable Grill offers 200 square inches of stainless steel cooking area. It comes suited with the signature grate cooking surface and ceramic heat control grid. With temperatures rising to 700°F, the Portable Grill takes everything that grillers love about our standalone grills and makes them travelable. It can be used with either a 20lb propane tank or a small propane canister.

Give the Gift of a Portable Grill


Gifting a Grill Set

If you’re planning on doing it big this holiday season, then there’s nothing quite like gifting an entire outdoor grill set up.


Grill with an Island

Coyote Outdoor Living in partnership with RTA Outdoor Living have a wide variety of kitchen island set ups to suit your Grill Master’s every want and need. From 5’ Islands to 8’ Islands, you can choose how to properly deck out your grilling area. 


Grill with Storage

If you’re planning to have a grill island, it might as well be extremely functional. The 6’ Premium Island up to our 8’ Premium Island offer a lot of space to add extra storage. The RTA Outdoor Living storage bar island boasts extended drawers with large storage space and a cabinet door where you can keep paper towels, grilling accessories, or extra plates and silverware for outdoor gatherings.

Design Your Dream Outdoor Grill Set with Our Design Tool


Gifting Grill Accessories

Other great gifts for your grill lover are grill accessories! Below are some of our favorites that can be used with almost any Coyote Grill.

Pizza Stone

The Asado Pizza Stone is an essential accessory for evenly cooking crispy pizzas, flatbreads, and other outdoor culinary delights.

Asado Pizza Stone



Make any grill a rotisserie grill! Give the gift of rotisserie rod brackets and a rotisserie kit for any size grill.

Rotisserie Kit



You’ll want to cover the grill up when you’re not using it to protect its stainless steel coat from the weather. We have heavy duty, water-resistant covers of all sizes to keep the grill nice and clean on its days off.

Grill Covers



A griddle is great for vegetables, seafood, breakfast, and anything else you can think of! The Drop In Griddle Accessory can be used with any C-series grill models. It also comes with a removable greatest trap for easy cleaning.

Drop In Griddle



For the griller that already has everything they could ever want, a supply of charcoal or specialty pellets for their pellet grill is a much-welcomed gift. Pellets are an exceptional gift to give because they come in a variety of flavors. We suggest an apple or hickory flavored pellet, or give the gift of both!