From Caramelization to Searing and Back!

A lot of care goes into making each Coyote grill. With 304 stainless steel construction, each of our grills comes with the following:

  • Cast stainless steel burners, grates and component parts
  • Double walled, stainless steel hood
  • Continuous weld on the grill box with seamless edges
  • Interior grill lighting
  • Heat Control Grids™
  • Limited lifetime warranty on burners and stainless steel exterior
  • Independent burner ignition system

With our more specialized grills, however, you could be getting even more. Our S-36 Gas Grill, for example, comes with versatile cooking features. It has not only our signature Heat Control Grids that go above the conventional burners to dispense heat, but specialty ceramic briquette style flame burners. With a rapid sear infrared burner that allows you to get those steakhouse temperatures below, rotisserie cooking is also available with rear an infrared burner and spokes. Finally, night time grilling and warming features are included in this easy to use multipurpose grill. To find out more about the great high-quality grills we have to offer, please check out our products or contact one of our helpful dealers by clicking below!