Sneak peek of the next generation Coyote Wood-Fired Pellet Grill on a snowy Super Bowl morning! Chef Jonathan Collins heated up the parking lot of Toronto’s most popular morning show CP24 in Toronto with dishes representing San Francisco49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Chef Collins also gave a nod to tailgating by placing the Coyote Portable Gas Grill on the back of the truck with an array of savory ingredients. You will certainly enjoy his fresh take on grilling turkey wings and be surprised by his mac n’ cheese sandwich on sourdough bread.

The original design of the Coyote Pellet Grill won the Vesta award in its category in 2019. This grill has evolved significantly and features a state-of-the art digital touch screen and an easy-to use front load pellet feed. Outdoor chefs will be attracted to the Coyote green, smart drop pellet system that can be used with any flavored wood pellet for a multitude of outdoor cooking delights. With three food temperature probes included and a range of even heat settings, this pellet grill allows users to utilize the grill in a similar fashion to an indoor oven.

The Coyote Pellet Grill will be available this spring nationwide. Also, check out the Coyote Portable Gas Grill to enhance your next road trip by bringing along a powerhouse compact cooking appliance.

Click the photo roll below to see how Grilled Sourdough Mac & Cheese and Grilled Turkey Wings turned out.