Are you considering designing an outdoor kitchen but don’t know where to start? Coyote Outdoor Living is here to help answer all your questions about the importance of planning, budgeting, and better understanding your needs to help create the perfect outdoor design that fits your space. This can be difficult and stressful, so Coyote is always here to assist you whenever needed. 

Creating a budget can be challenging but is one of the first and most important steps you must take to make your outdoor oasis. Setting a budget lets you find the appliances and features that best fit your needs. Finding compromises and creating a plan that maximizes your budget is integral to the planning process. Ensuring you stay within your budget while designing your outdoor space is complex; that is where Coyote comes in. They are there to help you create the perfect distance while ensuring you find the best appliances that fit your budget. 

The Importance of Setting a Budget for Your Outdoor Kitchen

So why is setting a budget important? 

Creating a budget, it will help you better understand the features you need most when designing your outdoor project and allow you to set your priorities of what you want within your budget. RTA Outdoor Living and Coyote Outdoor Living provide you with various solutions to save on your outdoor kitchen budget

After you set a reasonable budget for your project, it makes designing your outdoor space even more accessible. Your provided budget will help you – and your design expert – break down the requirements of your project and allow you to understand better what facilities you can afford and if the budget needs to be adjusted to add any additional features. It also makes decision-making much easier since you can monitor your project’s finances and compare them to your budget.

Want to get a better understanding of the overall costs that go into creating an outdoor kitchen? Check out this article from BBQGuys about the different costs of an outdoor kitchen and some tips for cutting costs on your build. 

Understand Your Needs

Analyzing the needs of your outdoor space is critical. Still, starting can be challenging, so prioritizing your needs and wants is crucial in the early stages of designing and planning your outdoor space. There are many reasons people decide to build an outdoor kitchen for example; some enjoy having an entertaining space for family and friends, a new space for cooking, or even just a place to sit back and relax outdoors. 

When you think of your outdoor space, what do you want to gain from it? 

Everyone has a different image regarding their outdoor dream space, so a significant part of the planning process is assessing the critical features and benefits you want to gain from your outdoor space – while ensuring the features of your area are within your budget. 

Research and Comparison Shopping

Researching the different materials offered by various vendors is another way that homeowners can create their outdoor dream space while staying within their budget, because they can find the appliances and features that best fit within their budget. By researching and comparing your options, you open yourself up to creating the best design for your outdoor space and budget. 

When it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen, you can choose two options: building a custom-built kitchen or a ready-to-assemble kitchen.

With a custom-built kitchen, you can hand-pick all the components and appliances you want included in your outdoor kitchen. Designing a custom-built outdoor kitchen allows you to take control of your design and choose from thousands of different arrangements. You can create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams in only a few minutes right at home on your computer. To learn more about designing your custom outdoor kitchen, check out RTA Outdoor Living’s guide to essential facts before buying. 

Now, a ready-to-assemble kitchen is different from a custom-built kitchen. Everything is pre-designed and pre-assembled to make the delivery and installation process more manageable. Coyote and RTA Outdoor Living offer various popular designs that can be delivered to your home in as little as two weeks. 

Both of these design options provide affordable materials that fit within any budget. You just need to research the options that best fit your needs. 

Working with a Professional

One of the best ways to avoid costly mistakes is to hire an experienced and licensed professional design expert to help create a master plan. This enables you to visualize the possibilities and map out the steps to achieve them and get everything right the first time. A professional designer will assist you through every step of the planning process and answer all your questions and concerns while keeping your best interests in mind. They know the best procedures to provide optimal results and can help design your dream to become a reality. 

Who better to teach you about designing the perfect outdoor living space than HGTV’s professional designer from his hit show Inside Out, Mike Pyle. He provides you with a walkthrough of his outdoor kitchen and the design ideas he implemented when designing his dream outdoor kitchen. To see Mike Pyle’s striking and beautifully functional design, check out this article and video from RTA Outdoor Living that provides you with essential tips and tricks Mike used to create his perfect outdoor kitchen. 

Planning for Maintenance and Upkeep

One thing that most people need to remember when designing their outdoor projects is maintenance and upkeep. Outdoor appliances require constant care due to weather conditions and natural wear and tear, so ensuring that you are up to the task of maintaining your outdoor space is essential. If maintenance is not kept up, the appliances will develop issues, and these minor problems will cause significant concerns with time if neglected.

Ensuring that you plan to maintain your appliances is a crucial part of the planning process. If you know not to keep up with maintenance, purchasing appliances that require a little less maintenance could also save you a lot of money towards your budget in the long run. 

Get Started Building your Project on a Budget

All outdoor design projects begin with two things, a plan, and a budget. Creating a plan and design with a professional designer while setting a budget can help make your affordable dream outdoor space a reality. Need help with anything? Coyote Outdoor Living is here to be your resource for cheap luxury appliances to create the outdoor area you’ve always dreamed of. They are here to help you dream it, design it, build it, and live with the outdoor space of your dreams!

Do you still need to determine what you want from your outdoor space? Check out this video and article from Coyote’s president, James Ginocchi, on how to get started planning the perfect outdoor space for you.

If you’re ready to get started, check out Coyote’s easy-to-use Kitchen Layout Design Tool, which walks you through the process of choosing all of the elements of your outdoor kitchen, or schedule a call with one of RTA’s design expert who is there to help you balance the costs of your outdoor kitchen space to fit within your budget and guide you through every aspect of your project.