Cook All 5 Food Groups on a Coyote Grill

The Signature Grates that are available as an optional upgrade to Coyote grills allow our customers to cook anything from shrimp to watermelon. Our normal stainless steel cooking grates can be quickly removed and replaced with these specialized panels. Perfect for any big cookout, we guarantee you can cook all five food groups quickly and easily on a Coyote grill.

The first of the panels shown in the video above, is the one with small half circles cut in. These half circles are great for cooking things like shrimp and mussels at the perfect temperature. They also are good for things that need to be handled more gently, like watermelon and cheeses like Halloumi.

The next grilling panel has thick diagonal openings. This one is great for flame roasting red peppers or eggplant. It can also brown delicate things like a fish filet more quickly.

Finally, the last panel with thin diagonal openings is for searing or browning. The small slits allow the heat to slowly create that nice, crisp caramelized surface on chicken or steak. They’re also great for toasting hot dog or hamburger buns!

Altogether, you can cook any of the five food groups on a Coyote grill. Cooking grids combined with the heating power of our grills, makes for a cookout so diverse it can make everyone happy.