A simple way to remember appropriate grilling times for pork tenderloin from this article in Fine Cooking (full recipe here).

“The “7-6-5” method for grilling pork tenderloin refers to the amount of time each side gets, with the burners on high heat: seven minutes on the first side, six minutes on the second side, and then five minutes with the grill turned off and the lid closed. The method is so reliable that I can set a timer and go about my business.“

We tested the method on the Coyote 34 inch C-Series Grill and the tenderloin came out great.


Every time we turned the pork, we poured beer over the tenderloin. Just enough to keep it moist.

And before the last 5 minutes of grilling, we rolled the tenderloin in pan of a glaze made from 1 can of cranberry sauce, ¾ cup of strawberry preserves, 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, and salt and pepper.

Total prep and grilling time: 25 minutes. The “7-6-5” Method is definitely a good rule of thumb for low stress grilling for perfectly cooked pork tenderloin!