Coming Together for a Friendsgiving Meal 

We love the Thanksgiving season; as grill makers, how could we not? We believe grill season is celebrated all year long, and the holidays are an awesome opportunity to bring people together over delicious grilled and smoked meals. These holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Friendsgiving!

While Thanksgiving is about family, Friendsgiving is about sharing a meal with your chosen fam. It’s also a chance to switch up your traditional Thanksgiving recipes and opt for a twist on classics like swapping out roasted vegetables and grilled ones and smoking your bird on the pellet grill. 

Here are some great ideas for your next Friendsgiving get-together that can be made on any Coyote Outdoor Living grill product!

Friendsgiving Food Ideas 

Pellet Grill Smoked Turkey

Slow-cooked turkey that’s juicy, tender, and roasted to perfection is precisely how a Friendsgiving meal should be done! To get this result, you should cook your turkey over low heat on a pellet grill. This cooking method infuses the flavor of the pellet with the bird and leaves everyone wanting more. Check out this easy guide to smoking a grilled turkey on the pellet grill from The Online Grill. 

Looking for a gas-grilled turkey recipe? Check here.

Smashed Potatoes

What pairs well with a flavorful turkey? Flavorful, crispy smashed potatoes. This recipe from Serious Eats will be flying off the table at your Friendsgiving meal.

Grilled Caesar Salad

There’s something about a charred romaine heart that just elevates a salad. Our Grilled Caesar Salad recipe incorporates grilled romaine with crispy fried capers and packs a powerful tangy punch.

Cast Iron Apple Crisp

You’ve already made everything else on the grill; why stop at dessert? We’ve made this grilled skillet apple crisp recipe from Food Network countless times and can vouch that it tastes like grandma’s apple pie. Serve it with some pumpkin ice cream, a scoop of vanilla, and a heavy drizzle of caramel syrup.

What Are Options Instead of Turkey? 

If you’re not a turkey fan, you don’t need to eat it twice in one month. Friendsgiving is all about making your own traditions, even if that means skipping the bird entirely and going for seafood or red meat. 

Here are some recipes that are sure to shake up your Friendsgiving feast!

Tri-Tip Steak

Tri-Tip, or a California cut, is cooked like steak but slices like your favorite juicy brisket, and is prepared in less time, too! It just needs 45-90 minutes to reach a perfect internal temperature of 125ºF–130ºF/51ºC–54ºC. We’ve shared this California Style Grilled Tri-Tip recipe before, and we’ll share it again because it’s THAT good. It will go perfectly with your Friendsgiving side dishes.

Grilled Salmon Foil Packs

Grilled salmon always tastes good with potatoes and roasted vegetables. Add some citrus (lemon and/or orange) and sprigs of dill with olive oil, garlic, and a thick-cut salmon to aluminum foil and grill for about 18 minutes. Delicious, tender Citrusy Salmon every time.

Rotisserie Chicken 

We are advocates of a good rotisserie chicken for any occasion. This Grilled Rotisserie Chicken from AllRecipes is simple but gets it right every single time.


Who doesn’t love tacos? Instead of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, host a Friendsgiving fiesta! Here are a few ideas for a grilled taco spread.

Spending Time with Friends and Loved Ones for Friendsgiving 

We believe that togetherness begins over food around the table. Whatever you choose to make, we hope your Friendsgiving leaves you feeling full – both in your belly and your heart. Happy Friendsgiving from your friends here at Coyote Outdoor Living!