Which Grill matters. Since all Dads are unique, choosing the right grill for a Father’s Day gift is a great way to show your appreciation. What to choose? Firstly, consider outdoor space considerations and whether the grill is for an urban balcony, condo patio or more sprawling suburban backyard. Secondly, what is Dad’s outdoor chef style, all-in Epicurious, on-the-go grilling adventurous or does he prefer an easy, relaxed cooking experience?


We put together some choices for this Father’s Day to suit several lifestyles.

The Tailgater:

The Portable Gas Grill is a high-end compact product perfect for Dads who are tailgaters as well as boaters, road trip enthusiasts and for those with small outdoor spaces.

Made of superior quality 316 grade stainless steel, this portable gas grill also includes Coyote’s signature grate as an added enhancement. The product can be used with either a 20 lb. propane tank or a small disposable propane tank and has up to a 20,000 BTU of output. This model comes with an adapter for smaller tanks and a cover is also available.


The Urbanite:

The Electric Grill has a sleek, attractive silhouette and may be conveniently placed on a table, pedestal stand or built into an island or cabinet of your choice.

For the city dweller, this high-end compact grill will allow those with a small balcony or rooftop, to have an enhanced outdoor living experience. Additionally, the Electric Grill comes with an exciting feature that doesn’t require your immediate attention; a timer that shuts off automatically and doesn’t overcook your food. There is a warming rack and a spatula, tongs and a cover are included.


Master Chef:

The Asado Cooker has an adjustable venting to maintain precise cooking temperatures. With the Asado Cooker, you can enjoy cooking without open flame which evenly distributes heat across the grids.

The ceramic construction is heat-resistant and there are options to smoke sear or grill on 254 sq inches of cooking area. It also comes standard with the Signature Smoking Grate™ for perfect heat diffusion. Starting June 12th, the purchase of an Asado comes with a year’s supply of charcoal (limited to 12 bags) and an Asado accessory bundle.

Please note: all of these products come with free shipping.