This spring, the ultimate staycation takes place in our own backyard! As we spend time with our families in our outdoor space, we are rediscovering the joy of al fresco dining. The next generation Coyote Pellet Grill elevates that cooking experience by performing like a luxury indoor appliance, outdoors.

The Coyote Pellet Grill has the look, versatility, and superior functionality of a high-end indoor oven. The state-of-the art digital touch screen, three food temperature probes as well as a range of even heat settings are chef-friendly enhancements for this 2020 introduction. The original design of this premium pellet grill won a Vesta Award in its category at the HPBExpo in March 2019.

The Coyote Pellet Grill is extremely fuel-efficient with an average of one pound of pellets used per hour of cook time. Environmentally conscious consumers will be attracted to the Coyote green, Smart Drop Pellet System™. This innovative front load design is easy to fill, and any flavored pellet can also be used for a multitude of outdoor cooking delights.

If design is in the details, this new age pellet grill has everything! There is a Versa-Rack™, with a three-tier system that triples the size of your grill and allows you to throw on an extra set of ribs or a variety of vegetables. The dual auger front feed insures outstanding cooking control and performance. Two other key product components are: a gasket hood with double all stainless-steel walls to hold the heat and a specially designed built-in wind guard in the back that deflects wind from coming into the unit. This robust, multi-functional grill even has a spring-assisted hood that can be lifted with a touch of a finger.

The Coyote Pellet Grill is available fully assembled on a cart or as a built-in.

At HPBExpo in New Orleans in March, a stunning sandcastle was created by well-known artist Scott Dodson,  It was 12 ft wide and 10 ft high and a total of 12 yards of sand was used. It certainly was a focal point for all those who were visiting the outdoor booths. Hearth & Home included this outdoor art in their April issue.
Ocean Home Magazine featured Coyote Outdoor Living in the April/May issue which focused on outdoor kitchens. The editors interviewed Jim Ginocchi, President of Coyote Living, about trends in the market and about Coyote’s new Pellet Grill in particular.

Bo Jackson Signature Portable Gas Grill by Coyote

Legendary player Bo Jackson, considered by many to be the best athlete of all time, is partnering with Coyote Outdoor Living to bring the ultimate tailgating grill to both sports fans and all those who love to cook outdoors.

“Hello this is Bo Jackson. All my life I’ve been a food fanatic enjoying cooking almost as much as playing sports! In my older years, I have now joined a new team ‘Coyote Grills.’ I’m happy to bring you my signature Bo Jackson Portable Gas Grill and it’s great to be part of the Coyote family.”

The Bo Jackson Signature Portable Gas Grill by Coyote is made of superior quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel and includes a unique grate with Bo’s signature as an added enhancement. The product can be used with either a 20 lb. propane tank or a small disposable propane tank and has up to a 20,000 BTU of output. This model comes with an adapter for smaller tanks and and a cover is included.

While most of us are at home and grilling meals frequently with family, Coyote decided to mix it up and create a different ‘at home’ vacation each week!

Bring Missouri to your backyard by cranking up the jazz music and give your Kansas City barbecue its distinctive smokey flavor with wood chips on the Coyote Pellet Grill.
Everyone knows that Chicago is famous for their deep-dish pizza, but have you ever made it on the grill? Bring Chicago to your backyard and crack open a bottle of wine for the adults and let the kids pick out their favorite pizza toppings to make their own pizzas on the grill.
Craving a fresh fish dinner this week? Make your pool area at home into a West Coast getaway featuring a sparkling California wine and fresh grilled salmon. Afterward, you can rollerblade around the block for some fresh air and exercise.

Established in 1983, Jacksons Home and Garden was originally a small garden store which has grown expediently into of the most popular shopping destinations in Dallas, Texas. The family-owned business was founded on the principle that personalized service and commitment to the customer were paramount.

Renowned for their indoor and outdoor pottery in the Southwest, Jacksons also provides a distinctive selection of high-quality products to enhance the experience of your home, garden and patio. They showcase fountains, gazebos, and statuary, as well as outdoor kitchen appliances including the full line of products from Coyote Outdoor.

Forrest and Robert Jackson

What are the benefits of being part of a family owned business?  The benefit, for me, has been that I have had an excellent mentor who I know cares about me enough to coach me into my current role.  There are many aspects to running a business like ours and I’m pretty sure my Dad has seen it all.

In terms of culture, we maintain a family atmosphere with our employees, which makes our business a fun place to both work and shop.

From Jackson Pottery’s beginnings as a garden store, how have you expanded to be a resource for all outdoor living products?  In a word, “organically.” The growth has been by necessity and in response to the demands of our customers.  When we first started out, we had few products that would help us become a year-round retailer.  After spring was over, there really wasn’t much going on.  We recognized quickly that we needed to offer the customer reasons to celebrate their home throughout all the seasons.  For example, our fireplace and Christmas store business really helped us maintain good foot traffic in the fall, when most garden centers don’t see a lot of excess visits by customers.

When did you start carrying Coyote Grills and what do you like about the product line?  We have carried Coyote Outdoor Living products for many years and there are several features that make the line so popular with our customers. The double-walled hood is key as well as those infinity burners. But the part that stands out to me are the signature laser cut cooking grates which give you more flexibility for cooking different foods. You really want to be able to control different cooking temperatures and exposure to the flame and this allows you to do it all in one space with various surfaces. I think that’s innovative.

What are the three things to consider when designing and decorating your outdoor space?  Functionality is #1.  I see a lot of people, professionals even, make decisions that look great, but just don’t fit their needs.  People should ask themselves, “Am I really going to sit out here?” or “do I really intend to use this appliance?” before purchasing items or finishing designs.

Comfortable Seating:  Maybe this goes along with number 1 and I’m a broken record.  If the seating isn’t comfortable and it isn’t a place you would come and sit on any occasion, I would reconsider what the plan is.  Formal seating is great, but most of us don’t look to our outdoor living areas as a formal retreat to host dignitaries every weekend.  This is your space.  Are the chairs comfortable?  Could you curl up and read a book in those chairs or on a that loveseat?

Layout: Make sure that the layout makes sense for how you use the space.  If you love to smoke meats on the grill, for example, it may not be best to plan your eating area right next to the grill.  Can you get from the grill to your outdoor dining area under cover if it is raining?  Do you need an exhaust vent if your ceiling is low?  If you know that you like to use the area more in the fall or during cooler spring evenings, plan for a gas firepit so that you can remain outside longer.

Do you and your family have a favorite grilling recipe?  I have young kids and they actually love my Dad’s steaks.  He covers them with olive oil and only uses salt and pepper to dress them up with flavor.  Truthfully, I don’t know how his come out so perfectly, but they seem to every time.  Still working on mastering that, myself!

How do you see the future for Jacksons Home & Garden? How will you be developing the business to provide for your customer’s needs.  The COVID-19 event has changed the way we think about shopping in the US. Jacksons is adopting by offering virtual shopping and will be working on an e-commerce website to launch in the fall.  We have to give our customers the option for easier shopping using the technology available to us.

6950 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX 75209


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Our outdoor space, where we gather to grill and relax with family, is what nourishes us as we stay at home.  The Coyote Pellet Grill allows all members of the family to take part in the process of preparing a meal whether it be grilling, searing, smoking or even baking cookies!

From an industry standpoint, the Pellet Grill Category, with over 500 million in sales, is the fastest growing in the sector, and will far outstrip gas and charcoal in the next five years. As noted by Gear Patrol, the design of pellet grills has advanced from the rudimentary model built in the woods of Oregon, and is now, “no longer for nerds.” Made of all 304 superior-quality stainless steel, the state-of-the-art Coyote Pellet Grill has all the features that will enrich your outdoor entertaining for years.