Exclusive Features

  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction
  • For use with the Coyote C2C34 grill

A BBQ wind guard is a device that is designed to protect a BBQ flame from wind, which can cause uneven heating and even blow out the flame altogether. The wind guard is typically a shield that is placed around the flame of the BBQ, and it is designed to block the wind from hitting the flame directly.

By blocking the wind, a BBQ wind guard can help to ensure that the flame of the BBQ remains steady and even, which can result in better cooking performance and more consistent results. Additionally, by protecting the flame from wind, a wind guard can also help to reduce the risk of flare-ups, which can occur when grease or other drippings come into contact with the flame. Overall, a BBQ wind guard can be a useful accessory for anyone who enjoys outdoor cooking and wants to ensure that their BBQ performs at its best, even in windy conditions.

Wind Guard Disclaimers and Warnings:

WARNING – PROP65 Notice – CA Residents Only