NameSKUMain ImageMore ImagesProduct ManualInstall GuideProduct Sell Sheet
21″ Refrigerator Trim KitCBIR21TK Refrigerator Trim Kit
21″ Sink with Faucet, Drain, Soap DispenserC1SINKF21 drop in sink
24″ Refrigerator Trim KitC1BIR24TK REFRIGERATOR TRIM KIT
28″ Pellet Grill Insulated JacketCJAKTC1P28 insulated jacket
30″ Flat Top GrillC1FTG30 flat top grill
30″ Hybrid Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven Matte BlackC1PZ30HMB Pizza Oven
30″ Hybrid Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven RedC1PZ30HR Pizza Oven
30″ Hybrid Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven YellowC1PZ30HY Pizza Oven
30″ Grill Wind GuardCWG30 Wind Guard
36″ Pellet Grill Insulated JacketCJAKTC1P36 insulated jacket
Asado / Power Burner SleeveC1SLV insert sleeve
BlowerC1BLOW1200 1200 cfm internal blower
Built In Asado CookerC1CHCS coyote asado smoker
C1FTG30 LP to NG Conversion KitC1FTLP2NG gas conversion kit
C1FTG30 NG to LP Conversion KitC1FTNG2LP gas conversion kit
C1S36 LP to NG Conversion KitC136LP2NG gas conversion kit
C1S36 NG to LP Conversion KitC136NG2LP gas conversion kit
Cart For Asado CookerC1CHCS-CT coyote asado smoker
Ceramic Briquette – C1HY50CBRIQ50 ceramic briquettes for gas grill
Insulated Jacket for Double Side Burner C1DBCJAKTC1DB insulated jacket
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