Coyote Outdoor Living recently partnered with Farah Merhi, social media powerhouse and founder of Inspire Me! Home Décor. A true entrepreneur, Farah has blazed her own path, building her brand, while continuing to educate a community she calls her ‘Insta Family’ in the process. The dream and design vision that Farah had for her outdoor space was brought to life with Coyote’s recommended suite of products, including a 36 “S-Series high-grade stainless-steel grill, an Asado smoker, a refreshment center and a pull-out trash and recycle, all inset in an RTA Outdoor Living island. The beautiful custom white panels of this outdoor kitchen are able to withstand the harshest Michigan winters, one of Farah’s initial trepidations. Click here for a look at her Instagram video.

“Working with Coyote was such a fun experience,” enthused Farah, “I had the opportunity to customize my outdoor kitchen and choose what goes in it to fit my family’s needs. They have a wide range of appliances one can choose from to add in your own custom outdoor kitchen. Once the kitchen design is finalized, Coyote builds the kitchen in their factories using durable material (concrete) to ensure longevity. That was one of my biggest concerns. And luckily, theirs too.” Summing up the ease of experience, Farah added, “The kitchen was delivered straight to my backyard and installed in less than 2 hours. That is record time if you ask me! Building an outdoor kitchen will typically take weeks, with Coyote’s products, the process was faster and easier, and the end result is both beautiful and functional.”

Farah called out some of her favorite products, “I love the Coyote Asado smoker. The moment it got installed, I had neighbors texting me and asking when they can come out and smoke their turkeys next year. Too funny! Give me an appliance that will allow us to cook any type of meat as well as bake a pizza and some yummy veggies? I’m in! The Coyote Grill came with a chicken rotisserie which was a delight for me personally. My dad, who is the cook in our family, loved it! My husband loved the grill and mini fridge. The sink is a huge plus, but can we talk about the pull-out trash? Soap dispenser caddy and kitchen towel holder? These are small things but shows you that Coyote is thinking about the homeowner and their needs, from big to small! My kid’s loved that we extended our counter to create a bar area. They feel included when their dad and I are busy grilling.”

The Coyote mission continues to be to elevate the outdoor experience with innovative products that marry durability, functionality and style. This project was particularly rewarding in that Farah and her family will be able to enjoy this outdoor kitchen and entertaining space for so many years to come.