Calling all foodies and grilling connoisseurs! Coyote Outdoor Living is passionate about providing high-performing appliances as well as offering tips and techniques to up your grill game. Your culinary passion comes from your fire inside, so let Coyote be your partner in mastering the grill. Whether you’re the host of a legendary summer cook-out or just want to bring creativity to your backyard dinners with family, these recipes will put you (even further) ahead of the pack this grilling season. 

Keep reading below to add some flare to your summer fare, and let these recommendations elevate your grill game to a pro-level.  


Rotisserie Grilling

When you’re grilling for a group, rotisserie grilling is a game-changer. Rotisserie grilling is ideal for a menu that will serve many guests and features one large piece of meat, such as a turkey or a whole chicken. Rotisserie grilling is one of the best techniques for grilling whole chickens. Rotisserie grilling is particularly special for larger groups as the meat will be flavorful meat and the dining experience exceptional. This grilled meal allows your guests to share from one beautiful platter.

Coyote Outdoor Living knows that meals bring people together, and choosing rotisserie grilling is an easy way to tap into that magic. Check out the Coyote 34’’ Rotisserie Kit or 30’’ S-Series Built-In Grill (rotisserie kit included). 

You know all about going the extra grill mile, and for you, that’s probably part of the fun. Follow these simple tips to do just that.

  1. Make sure your rotisserie is balanced and in place for thorough, even cooking. 
  2. Keep the lid shut to prevent any heat from escaping to improve grill time.
  3. Use a drip pan to reduce flare-ups and make gravy from what’s leftover. 
  4. Allow your food to rest before serving. 

Here are some quick tips on the infrared rotisserie with chef Jonathan Collins to inspire you to try rotisserie grilling.


Best Steak Grilling Technique

Now for a new take on the classic steak.  It’s time to put your own stamp on what many other grillmasters will be serving this season. Try a red-wine marinade using your favorite bottle of merlot. You might even pair that particular wine with your steaks making your spouse’s or friends’ dining experience even more memorable. Try adding a cilantro lime marinade and combine it with some tortilla chips and salsa for a starter that enhances your steak dinner. 

In terms of the actual grilling process, you can grill in a way that aligns with your unique fire inside. Try a reverse-sear by starting with your steak in a grill oven, bringing it to temperature, and then searing to finish. Your steak will have a beautiful brown crust, and be sure to let anyone know they’re in the hands of a pro. 

Coyote has you covered with the details on making sure you can grill and serve the perfect steak this season. Learn more here.


Unique Grill Recipes

To gain more creativity and end your pedestrian grilling habits, you have to be willing to try something new. We have unique grill recipes that will help you break out of your grilling slump and make your outdoor entertaining spectacular this summer.


Grilled Onion Blossoms

Start by trying your hand at your Grilled Onion Blossoms. For those foodies and grill masters who want to expand their grill repertoire, working with ingredients like onions that are fragile and a bit more temperamental will help you learn patience through practice. This recipe requires attention to many moving parts, and the payoff is your recreation of a restaurant-style specialty. Use this dish to make a relaxed Fourth of July or game-day gathering feel more festive. This recipe lends itself to most grills, but we recommend going with a flat-top option, so nothing falls through the grates, and you have more goods to transfer from your grill to the plate. If you aren’t 100% sold on this recipe’s seasoning, mix it up by substituting a blend that reflects your preference. Try serving your Grilled Onion Blossoms with various dipping sauces for guests to make your creation their own! 


Halloumi Cheese and Mushroom Skewers

Handheld dishes lend themselves well to any grilling season soiree. This Halloumi Cheese & Mushroom Skewers recipe is perfect for building your skewer-making skills by challenging you to work with two items that require different cooking times and temperatures. While this recipe will work on most grill types, we recommend a gas grill or a grill with grates to add grill marks for a professional-looking presentation. Since this recipe is a little more elegant, try it as an hors d’oeuvres option during a cocktail hour. Your guests will be free to carry their drinks, mingle, and make small talk about how delicious your menu is for the evening. To make your skewers more your own, try swapping out mushrooms for a different vegetable like peppers or tomato, or add your favorite protein. 


Grilled Bison Burger

For a fresh twist on a classic grilling option, consider this recipe for a Grilled Bison Burger. This different type of protein will expand your range of burger grilling skills. Bison beef has its own grilling temperature and time, and its distinct flavor profile will open up new doors for topping options. You can make this recipe on most grills like the skewers, but we recommend a gas grill or something with grates for those great-looking grill marks. Bison burgers are fantastic options for people who love the classic burger but are ready to broaden their idea of what classic has to look – and taste – like this season. Bison burgers have the added benefit of being healthier than traditional ground beef. Get even more creative with your bison burger toppings by adding your variations of classic toppings like sun-dried tomato, avocado slices, onion rings, and pepper jack cheese. Spice up your sauce options with sriracha on the side! 


Grilled Naan Filled with Herbs and Cheese

If you’re looking for a starter dish that breaks the mold of the traditional grill menu, give this recipe for Grilled Naan Filled with Herbs and Cheese a shot on any grill you’ve got. This recipe will provide you with a new challenge by including the bread as part of the ingredients that hit the grill. Most grillers stick with proteins and vegetables, but not you. You can do – and grill – it all. Make this grilled and stuffed naan as an appetizer for your dinner party to let your guests know they’re in for a meal that will blow them away. As you master your bread grilling, mix up the seasonings to make this dish a little different but no less delicious each time you serve it. We feel this one will stay in the rotation for many grilling seasons. 


Grilled Gyoza Dumplings 

Last but not least, try out these Gyoza Dumplings for a burger-adjacent alternative. This recipe is excellent for those looking for a challenge and ready to take on something new. Even though the recipe calls for a skillet, these dumplings are grillable. Those interested in cooking frozen dumplings can steam them with a regular pot lid on a flat top grill. We know this is a variation from the linked recipe, but we are here to help you get creative! Cooking with gyoza can be tricky because you are cooking the protein inside while avoiding burning the outside of the gyoza wrapper, making this dish a challenge indeed, but just the spark your fire inside needs. We recommend grilling on a flat top grill for these dumplings to ensure that you have even, crispy bottoms. To make these dumplings even more nutritious, try changing the filling to all-vegetarian ingredients!


You can trust that Coyote Outdoor Living has your back in the grilling game, regardless of your chosen technique. Follow us on Instagram or bookmark our blog for more regularly shared recipes, tips, tricks, and new methods for your foodie fire inside.